You’re what makes lingerie look beautiful

I love watching Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and seem to have a crush on every angel. Rocking heavenly lingerie with huge-ass wings are the tall and stick-thin models, airbrushed with pore-less skin, perfect makeup and hair… I mean, what’s not to love about them? Besides, isn’t that the obsession of the century?

Explore your Instagram feed and I bet, you’ll get lost in the plethora of pictures of women in lingerie with tiny waists and glowing skin. Models and celebs promoting the newest weight loss programs & supplements, or “detox” teas. It is easy for us to get sucked into the mentality of attaining these unquestioned body standards specified by others. Resulting in us having troubles feeling confident in our own skin.


Think about all the time you’ve wasted hating your body. The time you’ll never get back. It’s much more harmful than you think.

What we see in photos or on the television does not represent the average person. And, hating your body won’t motivate you to change and become healthier. Rather it can produce the opposite effect: dissatisfaction with your body image, eating disorders, low self-esteem, self-hatred and what not!

You are 100% entitled to wear that makes you look and feel fabulous. No matter what your body size is or whatever anybody else might think. The percentage increase ten times for the fashion companies that advertise sexy lingerie. It is you that owns the ‘hotness’ their products are intended to enhance. Remember, lingerie is for the ‘wearer’, not the ‘starrer’. And ‘wearers’ come in all body shapes & sizes.

After all, we only have one body. And, we should focus on all the great things about it. So, open your mind to a positive body image. It is significant for good health, both mental and physical.

Improve your relationship with your body. You don’t need validation to love yourself. Allow yourself to be who you are naturally. Whatever your size is, you’re what makes lingerie rock. So forget the rest of the world and get into it.

Shot by Gaurav Bambral | Makeup & Styling by Deepika Singh