What’s Under Your Clothes Matters

Some people begin their day with a nice cuppa coffee, but here I am, wondering about the lingerie I’m going to match with my outfit. While they are browsing through the newspaper, I’m trying to determine the personality I would like to sport all through the day; bold, sexy or laid back. Frankly, that’s decided while standing in front of my underwear drawer.

If you can relate to my everyday story, you’d know the importance of lingerie to the outwear. And, for those who consider lingerie shopping as just another chore, it’s a blasphemy!

All right, I’m going to get personal here…

Do you mind, if I ask what you’re wearing under your clothes? Yes, I’m talking about your innerwear.

Now, what if people could know what you’re wearing underneath your clothes? Would you be proud or should I say horrified about it? Well, you see, lingerie does matter. What you wear underneath, affects your personality. It is powerful enough to make you feel confident and worth it instantly.

Your lingerie is not just an eye-candy for someone, it is something that makes YOU feel good. Besides, something that’s worn for someone else will anyway find its way to the bedroom floor in hardly 5 minutes. But, it is for you to feel sexy and confident about, by merely a thought of having it on.

Here is a list of 10 lingerie essentials that prove, lingerie empowers women, and not just sexually.

1. Nude Bra

A good bra determines your mood for the entire day. But if you end up matching the wrong bra with your outfit, it can lead to an absolute disaster. A nude bra, for instance, is a safe intimate wear to own, as it goes perfectly with almost all those tops/dresses made out of thin fabric.

0006923_cleo-by-panache-juna-balconette-bra-nudeImage Source: http://www.brastop.com/cleo-by-panache-juna-bra-nude

2. Thong

(For those who don’t know) A thong is an amazingly minimal panty that exposes your derriere like no other. It is a must have for women who love to wear body-hugging dresses/skirts or leggings. So, flaunt it, when you have it! And, why not!

maia-thong-side-blkImage Source: http://lunapads.com/maia-thong

3. Stocking

From being a great option to be worn with formal skirts to carrying off your summer dresses in winters, hosiery/stocking is something you can never really go wrong with. Besides, opaque black tights make your pins look long and slender. Oh! And how can we forget about the sexy fishnet stocking that always gets things hot in the bedroom.

commando-matte-stocking-in-black-profileImage Source http://coolspotters.com/clothing/commando-matte-stocking-in-black

4. Bodysuit

Appearing similar to a swimsuit, a bodysuit is far more different in its functionality. It does an amazing job of smoothing out your stomach, lifting your bosom and making your butt look perky. There are so many gorgeous designs available in the market that you can actually pair them with bottom wear and set the temperature soaring.

urban-outfitters-black-silence-noise-black-widow-bodysuit-product-1-13927629-532670328Image Source: http://www.lyst.com/clothing/urban-outfitters-silence-noise-black-widow-bodysuit/


A bustier is a form fitting intimate meant to enhance your breasts and cleavage. Although it’s meant to be worn underneath the clothes, you can match them with a G-string thong to crank up the sexy factor in the bed.

Sexy-Lace-Up-BustierImage Source: http://www.cosypajamas.com/sexy-lace-up-bustier-p-867.html

6. Corset

A blessing for large breasted and plus sized women, a corset accentuates body features in a very appealing way. It will shape your breasts, waistline and hips into a curvaceous hourglass figure. The lace, strings and hooks are simply sexy details, which make it more aesthetic.

agent-provocateur-black-demelza-corset-product-1-13803618-858279382Image Source: http://www.lyst.com/clothing/agent-provocateur-demelza-corset-black/

7. Babydoll

Since it’s not body-hugging, a babydoll is a perfect nightwear for every woman (especially for those who are self-conscious of their tummy). It is a short nighty, cut high on the thigh and low on the bodice. While the low cut makes the bust appealing, the rest of it offers teasing glimpses to the onlooker.

penny_lace_embrace_sheer_mesh_babydoll_with_g_string-purple_1.jpg_5Image Source: http://www.zivame.com/penny-lace-embrace-sheer-mesh-babydoll-with-g-string-salmon.html

8. Chemise

If you don’t own one of these, you’ve got to be kidding me! Unlike babydoll, chemise happens to hug the body along the bust line and waist and then flare out a bit at the hips. They carry an air of subtle romance with them. Depending on the mood to be set, you can go with sheer, billowy chemises or form-fitting lacy chemise.

PrettySecrets-Coral-Short-Chemise-4601-682806-1-pdp_slider_m_lrImage Source: http://www.jabong.com/pretty-secrets-Coral-Short-Chemise-608286.html

9. Teddy

The best part about teddies is that it can easily be removed (wink wink). A combination of camisole and panties, this exotic sleepwear helps you cover the areas you want to keep hidden until that certain moment. Teddy lingerie pieces usually exhibit your back using a bare back design.

beautiful-teddy-lingerieImage Source: http://www.cilory.com/teddy/59111-beautiful-teddy-lingerie.html

10. Garter Belt

A garter belt clasps right at the waist, accenting the classic figure and small midsection. Although it is meant to hold the thigh high stocking in place, a garter belt is an erotic addition to one’s bedroom wardrobe.

10261702_01_2Image Source: http://www.brasnthings.co.nz/lingerie/suspenders/charm-all-lace-suspender-belt-black

Pretty lingerie makes it all better. And that now you believe me, tell me about your favorite piece of lingerie. I’d love to know the brands that you may like to recommend.