The Difference Between a Corset & Bustier

Difference Between Corset and Bustier - Miss Lingerista

Corsets and bustiers both are tight fitting inner wear but have different benefits. Corsets are meant to mould your physique into an hourglass figure by tightly lacing up around your waist. Whereas bustiers are meant to accentuate your curves by firmly fitting under the bust & uplifting your busts.

It’s not that they just have to be worn on special occasions, but you can also wear them underneath dresses or jeans, every day.

Corset is a typical shapewear, designed to offer you support and strong bone your appearance. It ends just before your hips and tightly secures your waist. It defines your waistline!


Another shapewear, but most of the times worn as lingerie, Bustier fits just above the waist, Pushing the breasts up, they tighten everything except your waist. This way your waist can flair a little, giving you an hourglass figure. They also have cups weaved to give your bust a slight upward push.


Benefits of corset vs bustier
Corsets and bustiers have different benefits. While a corset clinches your midriff and shapes up your waist, a bustier uplifts your bust and flattens your midriff.

Plain and simple, a corset has an effect waist down, and a bustier has an effect waist up!

Corset – Corsets are majorly of two types: under-bust and over-bust. As the names suggest, Under-bust corset starts under your bust and covers your midriff, while over-bust corset comes with built-in cups and cover your bust as well.

Bustier – It already comes with an inbuilt bra, so it has no specific type.

So, now we know the basic know-hows about corsets and bustiers. And, there’s no need for any of us to think that these lingerie pieces are meant to be only on screen! Hope this helps!