What Does Your Underwear Say About You

Your underwear is your secret identity. Hidden underneath your clothes, it is a part of your feminine mystique; something that you like to keep to yourself.

Your choice of panties dictates your style. And what you’re wearing under your clothes says a lot about your personality. Whether you are a go-getter or a laid-back person, your panties reflect your thought process.

So, how about we find what your underwear says about your personality?


You are a fan of classic things. You are mostly likely to cherish a song from the 70’s or perhaps a simple black coffee. You don’t like changes, and love the way things work out for you. Briefs offer you the comfort & stability you like underneath your clothes as well as in your life.

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Hello, Miss Nice Tushy!  If asked, you may describe yourself as a “tomboy”. Your style all about staying relaxed and and free. With that sort of comfort and ease, you happen to be everyone’s favorite. One can easily describe you as – fresh, charming, outgoing & friendly.
You aren’t afraid to work hard to attain your goals. For you comfort matters the most.

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You’re sexy and you know it, and are not afraid to show it! Your life goals are clear and you surely how how to get them. You are strong-headed, which may even make you a little intimidating. But hey, that is what makes your fierce. When your friends need advice, they know whom to approach.

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You are indeed a serial chiller! People sometimes mistake you for being lazy, but you know what to do! Not care! You like to spend time doing something for yourself than waste your time on some people’s problems. You’re a free spirit and a romantic at heart. You love laughing and you make everyone around you giggle.

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You are a definition of comfort. You cherish all things cozy. And, your most treasured wardrobe pieces include a variety of flip-flops, sweatpants, and obviously, hipster panties. You love cuddling, you’re great in budgeting money and you’re a powerhouse of positive vibes!

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Granny Panty

You don’t give a flying fuck about people’s opinion about you. You know your comfort-zone and enjoy being there. You’re not a party person and have something against skinny jeans and miniskirts. Your idea of a perfect weekend would be watching Netflix, munching on popcorn and sipping coke.

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You are extremely ambitious and whether they’re your personal or professional life goals, you know how to achieve them. Nothing can keep you from getting to them; not even little discomfort. Also, you’re a fashionista and the life of parties! G-String allows you to channel your inner Rihanna, just the way you like it!

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Everyone wants to be like you! The only thing missing around you is a halo. Damn right, girl! You’re full of energy and positivity. You find beauty everywhere, which gets you countless admirers. You are a carefree girl, who thinks that extra laundry or folding clothes is a total waste of time. With no underwear, there’s surely one less thing to worry about!

So the next time you slip into your fave undies, don’t forget that your choice says more about you than you might think.