V-Day Special: 10 Hottest Onscreen Lingerie Moments

Every man at some point has fantasized about Princess Leia (Gosh! Who doesn’t remember her in that hot golden bikini!). And, for those who haven’t, I think you are too young to be reading this post right now.

There have been many such instances in movies that made us go bonkers. This Valentine’s day, get inspired by the most enticing lingerie featured on the big screen and jazz up your love life. Spoil her on your dime, make her feel sexy and desirable, and I’m pretty sure she’ll strike the right chords too.

10. Charlize Theron as Helga in 2 Days In The Valley

2 days in the valleyI never thought anyone could look so enticing in a white bodysuit.

Bodysuit for friends with benefits. We’re pretty sure, there will be more heat and sweat involved, than romance. So this Valentine’s, make her don something like this barely-there bodysuit that ups the oomph.

9. Salma Hayek as Satanico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn

from dusk till dawnShe is the fantasy of every man & envy of every woman.

Bikini for the mismatched couple. Oh no no! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you two. You just happen to be the weirdest pair around. While one prefers to party hard, the other prefers to stay home and read a book. After all, opposites attract. But, who doesn’t love a push-up bra and bikini panty. Go for it, and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

8. Lindsay Lohan as Aubrey Fleming in I know who killed me

i know who killed meThe combo of Lindsay Lohan plus a stripper pole equals very happy men all over the world.

Corset for the newly-weds. If you’ve just got hitched, then this V-Day is truly special for you. Leave no stone unturned on your first V-Day by splurging on a sexy corset and stocking with all the bells and whistles.

7. Penelope Cruz as Carla in Nine

NineI’m willing to bet guys everywhere will be gladly willing to watch her.

Bustier for live-in lovers. Now that you know everything about each other, it’s somewhat tough to surprise her. But even if your Valentine’s Day is low-key, show your love by gifting her a stunning bustier, g-string panty and thigh-high stocking.

6. Demi Moore as Madinson Lee in Charlie’s Angels – Full Throttle

charlie's angelsShe is a proof that the way into a man’s heart, corrected pants, dangles down a bra strap.

Lingerie set for the first timers. So it is your first Feb. 14 together. And, you’re planning to get intimate for the first time? This romantic (and sexy) lingerie set is sure to dial up the romance in the bedroom.

5. Halle Berry as Ginger Knowles in Swordfish

swordfishHer confidence, exotic skin color and delicate lacy lingerie is a deadly combo.

Lacy lingerie for long distance couple. There’s little left to the imagination, when she dons something as stunning as black lacy lingerie like this. Staying away from her will be even more difficult once you see her wearing a balconette bra and French cut panty.

4. Margot Robbie as Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street

wolf of wall streetCan we all agree to not saying anything and watch this goddess light up the screen again?

Nude lingerie for the On-again, off-again couple. Now that you’re really looking forward to your exciting Valentine’s Day plans with her, why not make her feel extra special? Flatter her with a nude lingerie set and expect her to be her romantic best.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen Tasker in True Lies

True LiesHands down! This racy strip tease is the best one ever.

Black bra and high-cut underwear for the long time married couple. You’ve celebrated many years of V-Day with your lady. How about getting it even hotter this time with this sultry set of lingerie? Make her feel desirable and wait for all that she can do for you.

2. Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan in Sin City

sin cityDoes anyone disagree with me, when I say, she moves like a dream?

Embellished bra and panty set for the collegiate couple. Sneak some time in between your study sessions and make the most of it. Bring her an embellished lingerie set and let her bring forth what she’s got for you *wink wink*.

1. Jennifer Aniston as Rose O’Reilly in We’re the millers

we're the millers*turns lesbian*

3 piece lingerie set for “just friends”. This is one the most exciting phases of a relationship. And, what can be more thrilling than having an excuse like V-Day to slip in this pretty little gift in her underwear drawer. As they say, buy her fine lingerie and she’ll model it for you.

Women love to wear lingerie. When we are dolled up in our underwear, we feel sexy. So please, don’t rip it off too quickly. Let us wear it for five minutes.