We are all beautiful in our own right. We should be proud of our body and the way we look.

Oh, come on, who’re we kidding! We would kill for an hourglass figure!

And, this is what this week’s article is all about.

Oh, no no!  I am not going to talk about any workout regime. I promise. Rather, a very simple tweak to achieving that damned perfect figure.

Some of you may have guessed it right, I am talking about bustiers.

A bustier is technically a fancy-bra-meets-shapewear.  It’s meant to make your bust look uplifted, and simultaneously smooths & flattens your midriff.

Honestly, I’m totally in love with the idea of wearing bustier as an outerwear. Because, why not?

1. Super stylish.
2. Meant to make you look stunning.
3. Available in exotic patterns.
4. Slightly expensive.
5. Time to get summer-ready.

There’s just no excuse why this beautiful lingerie piece shouldn’t be showed off! Find it at: H&M

But, it’s very important to consider your body shape before putting it together with an outfit. It can go one way or the other; either you can get it totally right or you can get it so wrong.

Now, if you’re not really big in the whole boobie department, you can easily get away with teaming up your bustier as a top (and nothing on top) with high waist bottoms. Pairing it with low waist jeans is not a good idea as it will draw all the attention to your bare waist (instead of your gorgeously shaped torso).

Kavita, She Wears Fashion, rocking a lace bustier.
Mitali Sagar, House of Misu, gave us some real stylish wedding goals.
Aanchal Sukhija Arya, Delhi Style Blog, doing it just right!

However, if you’re a voluptuous lady who’s blessed with boobs, I’d advise you to put some sort of top over your bustier. So, you don’t give a wrong impression; unless you are in the bedroom and want to surprise your partner. Show off those curves and get him all hot and bothered. *wink wink*.