To every woman who doesn’t love herself enough…

Remember the love you had for yourself when you were a little girl? Where has it gone now? Your dark complexion, scars, stretch marks or voluptuous physique do not change your personality. Please don’t hate yourself for them.

Enjoy your life. Please don’t let it ruin the ‘self-love’ you’ve had all these years. You’re the woman who struggled to become who you are today. Remember when you promised to stay true to yourself? Be yourself. Complexion included, scars engraved.

It’s an area beyond your control. Every time you hate yourself, that little girl in you cries. You hurt her.

Why can’t you accept yourself the way you are? Remember when your mother taught you when you were young, not to judge people by what you see. If members of the public treated you this way, you’d be angry but you are encouraging it.

And, please don’t confuse judging with being honest. When we talk about “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes”, it is important to first be able to walk comfortably in our own. You have to be truly comfortable and confident in your own skin because the way you treat yourself sets the standards for others.

Besides, you don’t need to seek acceptance from society that is already so negative. In fact, you are supporting those who bullied you.

This negativity is pushing you away from yourself. It hurts me to think that if you can dislike yourself as much as you seem to what would you do to anyone else? How can you judge yourself and expect others to accept you? Please accept yourself for who you are.

Take a look at you, at all the things you stand for and against. Your complexion, scars, stretch marks or curves will never change that.

You’re beautiful not nasty.