The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Lingerie Cleaning

Lingerie being the most intimate part of your wardrobe, doubtlessly needs more attention than the rest of your clothes. And, for someone who’s obsessed with her lingerie, this department of cleaning is really important. I usually prefer hand-washing my lingerie, but when I’m busy (read lazy), I resort to machine washing it.

In fact, this isn’t just about laziness, it’s about the struggle to take some time off to do this chore. But, this shouldn’t mean you be harsh on your pretty little things and end up (unintentionally) molesting the underwire or the delicate lace. For the times when you are about to run out of the door, but have no clean bras, here is a quick last-minute lingerie-washing routine.

1. Hot water is a big no no

Unless your lingerie is downright dirty (with something as hardcore as paint or mud), there is no need to use hot water. It will only lead to them fading.

2. No, more soap does NOT mean cleaner clothes!

If you use too much detergent in the washing machine, your underthings are saturated with a leftover film of unrinsed soap. Ew! Rather opt for a liquid detergent for delicates. I use Genteel Liquid Detergent.

3. Bra bag is for real

Ok you lazy ass, this is mandatory. If you’re machine washing your bra, this bag is a must. It prevents the bras from getting distorted and keeps them in shape. Moreover, it also stops them from getting entangled.

4. Time to face the beast!

If you’re anything like me you’ll try to get done with this stuff ASAP. The less time the lingerie remains in the machine, the better. Your lingerie did nothing wrong to be washed in the usual industrial-strength hour-long stint. Select the quick wash setting with the shortest wash-rinse-spin cycle to make your lingerie last longer.

5. They support you and deserve some love back

A bra is a support garment and it surely does a lot of work. Washing & drying are the only times when it is getting back into its shape. Even if you’re in a hurry, ensure that the bra isn’t soaking wet before you hang it. The weight of the water will distort the fabric. The best practice is to hang it to dry.

And, please don’t be one of those girls who buys expensive lingerie and end up throwing all of them in the washing machine with the usual clothes. I believe in you. While some of your lingerie can be washed in the machine, most of them MUST be hand washed. I may sound like a jerk, but if ever you’re in doubt, hand wash.

Remember, lingerie is an investment and it deserves to be treated well!