The Best Trick to Lingerie Shopping – Find Your Bra Sister (Size)

Have you ever come across a cute bra that’s looking at you like it’s eager to be worn? And, once you rummage through that section, you realize that your size is unavailable. Then, you just stand there looking guilty, like you just disappointed the pretty little thing. Well, it’s high time you stopped disappointing bras like this.

Did you know that your bra size has a sister size as well? These are different bra sizes that have a slight variation in band size but remain similar in terms of cup volume. For instance, 32C & 34B share the same cup volume. This pattern is applicable across all bra sizes. The following sizes all have the same cup volume: 38C, 36D, 34DD, 32E.

Now, why do you need to know this? Because this means you can adjust your bra size and pick a bra which is similar to your size if not perfectly fitting. The only rule you need to remember is: if the number goes up, the letter goes down, and vice versa.

Knowledge of this rule will, in fact, open a lot of options for you. If the band of your bra is too small, go a band size up and a cup size down. Whereas if it runs big, make the same adjustments but in the opposite direction. Move a band size down and a cup size up. It’s the ultimate trick to find your perfect fit.

Here are some instances to help you find your bra size:

Problem: If your band fits, but the cup doesn’t
Solution: Look for a different cup size under the same number
For example, if your size is 34C, try 34B or 34D depending on whether you need smaller or bigger cup

Problem: If the cup fits, but the band doesn’t
Solution: Try a sister size
For example, if your size is 34C, try 32D or 36B depending on whether you need a tighter or looser band

Problem: If both the cup and band don’t work for you
Solution: You need to change the band size, while keeping the cup size same
For example, if your size is 34C, try 32C or 36C. As we move down a number keeping the letter same, the cup volume changes automatically with the band size.

What you need to observe is the shape of your bosom. It changes with every bra. So, it’s a good idea to try the sister sizes to figure out which one is more supportive and comfortable.

Please feel free to drop me a comment below or email if you need help finding your sister size!