Every woman’s struggle in 6 words:

Breathing constrictions

Being large bosomed, workout has always been dreadful for my pair. In fact, I’m going to tell you a secret…

I’d to manage this by wearing two sports bras. *facepalm*

Until, I realized that it was utter bullshit and I needed to do something about my chest-crushing situation. This is when I researched about it.

Did you know, sports bras are designed to offer three levels of support: low, medium and high. In fact, wearing the same bra to run that you wear when you do yoga is equivalent to wearing a ballet slipper to run a marathon.

Low support/impactMedium support/impactHigh support/impact
WalkingModerate HikingAerobics
Strength TrainingRoad CyclingMountain Biking

Fit matters!

It doesn’t take a hard-core athlete to figure out if a sports bra is uncomfortable. All it needs is a little jumping or bending over. This may feel weird, but when you’re trying on a sports bra, you need to ask yourself these 4 questions.

  1. Am I capable of jumping and touching my chin with my boobs?
  2. Does this cleavage make my push-ups shameful?
  3. Does bending over make my pair pop out?
  4. Am I stuck in this bra already?

If an answer to any of these four questions is affirmative, your search for the perfect sports bra isn’t over yet.

Compression or Encapsulation?

Ok, before you wonder why the fuck I’m talking science here! Well, compression & encapsulation are the suitable type of sports bras for small and large cup sizes, respectively.

Compression bras hug the breasts against the body to restrict movement. They do not have in-built cups and tend to work best for low- to medium-impact activities.

Compression sports bra

On the other hand, encapsulation bras separate the breasts for individual support. Since there is no compression in these bras, they are best for low-impact activities. In fact, these are similar to everyday bras that provide a natural shape.

2Encapsulation sports bra

A combination of compression and encapsulation, are best for larger cup sizes to protect the pair in all directions of movement.

Moisture wicking bra, anyone?

If you have only worked out in a conventional sports bra, you have no idea how a moisture or sweat wicking bra can be an answer to a cool and temperature regulated workout. The fabric blend pulls the moisture away from your skin. This helps increase evaporation and allows the body to keep cool. And since the moisture is not allowed to build up between the fabric of the bra and your sensitive skin, there’s no rubbing & chaffing.

How about a closure?

A sports bra is slightly tighter than your normal bra. And, if you’re not able to take it off when your body is dry, imagine taking it off when you’re sweaty. To fight this situation, you can opt for the back closure similar to the type found on your everyday lingerie. This can make the bra easier to get on and off, and more adjustable than a pullover style.

When you’ve an active lifestyle, an additional expense to invest in a good bra is well deserved.