Review: Rosie for Autograph Sunset Silk & Lace French Knickers

“Lingerie for review was purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hello lingerie lovers! Much to my surprise (and yours), I’m obsessed with and fall head over heels for everything lingerie. And, this time I’m back with something really exciting – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lingerie review for Marks and Spencer!

No doubt I love the comfort Marks and Spencer’s lingerie offers, I think they do need to improve their designs. But if I do go to M&S, I’m pretty sure, I’ll pick up something for myself. The launch of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Marks and Spencer’s lingerie line Autograph in August 2012 was indeed a great move. It attracted (fashionable) customers that might not have been there otherwise.

The collection includes sumptuous silks and French-inspired lace underlying shades of soft pinks & delicate taupe’s. And I ended up getting my hands on Sunset Silk & Lace French Knickers from Rosie for Autograph.

I fell in love with them knickers at first sight. It has this fine vintage feel to it, which offers this subtle sexiness. The colors of fabric and lace complement each other very well. While we do not usually think of pink for lingerie, but this light dusky pink adds to its sophisticated glamour. Personally, I feel that the correct pink shade is hard to get. However, M&S did a really good job in bringing this perfect shade of light dusky pink.

Another fine design detail which I appreciate is the addition of French lace on the edges. It makes the silk knickers extra luxurious.

Altogether, I am content with my purchase and really look forward to wearing these in bed (and on those lazy days). I love the feel of the fabric on my skin. It is indeed an amazing addition to my underwear collection. Rosie’s collection is indeed great! Big congratulations to her and the rest of her team!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post!

Shot by Devvrat Arya