How to prevent boob sweat?

*looks around nervously*
“No one’s watching” 

*adjusts the bra for some air*
“Damn, you big boobs!” 

*checks if someone noticed*
“We’re good!”

 *walks away like a lady*

While the media only likes to talk about how luxurious and glamorous, big boobs are, they underestimate the pains this “privilege” brings along. Big breasts tag along big problems with them – costly bras, backache, pulled buttons, a need for multiple sports bras and boob sweat.  Yes, underboob sweat is for real. And, just like sweaty armpits, it is followed by smells and rashes.

Note: Applying deodorant near the twins is not a good idea because deodorant may cause breast cancer.

It’s anyway hard enough to be a woman in this world. And, there is no need for you to have to deal with streams of sweat draining down the front of your tees on top of it.

So, head out and have some sweat free fun—with these 7 solutions for boob sweat.

  1. Discard bras that don’t fit
    I can’t say this enough! Wearing a bra that’s smaller than your actual size, smushes your boobs and provoke sweat attacks. So, I’d suggest you to visit a bra fitting specialist at any lingerie store.
  2. Select bra fabric wisely
    You’ve got to move that fancy nylon bra to the far end of your drawer. Instead, pick a bra made up of breathable material. Also, consider cotton blends or mesh, and let your girlies breath.
  3. Argan oil to the rescue
    Boob sweat can lead to a number of uncalled for concerns including irritation, risk of rash, or infection due to heat and skin-to-skin contact. Argan oil is an effective cure of boob sweat and also acts as an antibacterial agent and rash guard.
  4. Baby powder for your ‘babies’
    Absorbing powders prevent annoying chafing and chub rub right in its track! They soak up sweat finely and make your babies summer ready. As a matter of fact, you can use cornflour. It’s a quick cupboard solution that will come handy!
  5. Avoid wearing a padded bra
    This is one way of avoiding boob sweat naturally. Leave your super padded bras behind because bras that are tight, padded, or lacy will leave your breasts feeling constricted, uncomfortable, and sweaty. Instead, opt for something more breathable, like a bralette, or a simple cotton bra.
  6. Grab a panty liner
    I know this sounds insane but panty liners can soak up the underboob sweat. And, I think it’s way better than stuffing tissues in your bra, as they stay in place.
  7. Try foot cream
    It totally makes sense! Foot creams are usually used to treat athlete’s foot, and keep the fungi and yeast to a minimum, just as it will between the toes. Thus, helps relieve itchiness and irritation.

Is there a great boob sweat solution that I’ve missed? Leave a comment and let me know!