Pretty Lingerie That Looks Awesome If You’re Curvy

All sorts of lingerie seem to favor those (underfed) models who we see on the television & magazines. But what about the women with real bodies?

Well, we usually go about our personal preference. While I find balconette bra and a pair of lace boyshorts alluring, you may find a bustier and a bikini panty hotter. But, your lifestyle, personality & shape are some major factors to be considered while finding the lingerie that suits you.

If you have an apple-shaped body, your waistline is your widest measurement as compared to your hips and bust. Let’s find you some lingerie pieces tailored to your shape that elongates the line of your body. Open your mind (and lingerie drawer) to the following underthings that are meant to flatter your body type. You’d be surprised at the charm this lingerie offers to your body.


High-Waist Panties

If you think that tummy is your problem area, you can opt for high-waist panties. They make the midriff look a little smaller. Not only are they comfortable, but also complement curvy women. Besides, high-waist panties highlight your thighs and bust, while taking the focus off your stomach area.

Make things go hot in your bedroom by looking for panties with intricate details and vibrant colors, and pairing them with a suspender belt.

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What can be better than accentuating the best features of your body with the one-piece alternative to a bra and undies! I’m totally in the favor of feeling-proud-of-your-curvy-body, but not everyone feels self-confident all the time. So, you can keep this extra-essential for those occasions when you don’t feel your confident self.

I can assure you that the results you get from wearing a bodysuit can be truly transformational. It can make any woman feel more beautiful and desirable in an instant.

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Full Coverage Bra

Still think that cute & sexy bras are only reserved for smaller sizes and that huge bras are only available in beige and sold in styles that your grandmother wears? It’s time you meet your most supportive friend already; Full Coverage Bra!

Speaking technically, it spreads weight & pressure evenly through the front, while taking weight off the straps and back. So, if you have a busy day ahead of you, don’t forget to let your bra take some pain off your shoulders.

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Teddy makes you feel desirable even if you’re on the heavier side. It happens to be one of the most versatile underpinnings. Available in various shapes, forms, textures, patterns and colors, teddies can hide or enhance particular areas of your body. This makes it hug your body in all the right places. Before buying, it is important to know the particular area of your body that you want to highlight or conceal, to be able to get the best teddy for your body type.

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You’ve spent enough time victimizing your body for its curvaceous shape. Now, celebrate your beautiful curves by wearing the lingerie that makes you feel confident and beautiful from inside.