No Hair Down There

It all began when my dear friend (who has all the good intentions of making me more lady-like) suggested I get a Brazilian Wax (reason being, the man in my life would love it). It reminded me of my college days, when I had once considered it as an option. I was single then. But, I dumped the idea and continued to stick a razor down there. And now, here I was, contemplating to go through all that pain for a man.

While thinking about this, it suddenly dawned on me. Why do we go through such stinging pain on our lady bits? Because he’ll love it? Or because we’ll love it?

I scheduled an appointment with my friend’s ‘waxer’ (for lack of a better word) at Ozone Salon, Defense Colony and found myself in a room with two women ready to get their hands on my vagina. I was asked to bare my modesty, which I meekly did. I was scared that my vagina will be stared at, touched and judged by two women.

But as soon as they started, I realized, they had already seen too many vaginas for a lifetime and mine wasn’t any different.

Talking about the pain, well, if you consider your pain tolerance high, you’re so mistaken. Don’t underestimate that pain. Besides all the mental trauma of being vulnerable to all sorts of inappropriate staring and touching, you are exposed to extreme stinging and burning.

In an unsuccessful attempt of making things less awkward for me, the lady started discussing my vagina skin and share stories about other vaginas. Well, that was just too much information! All I wanted was to get done with that shit, go home, sit in the most comfortable position possible and apply some ice.

Once it was done and I was dressed, I felt as if I didn’t have a vagina anymore and probably my clitoris had been waxed out. Trust me, I am not exaggerating!

It took me a good couple of hours of awkward sitting to get normal and feel better about my vay-jay-jay.

But, no matter how awkward and agonizing the entire Brazilian waxing process was, the end results were worth it. Smooth skin & no pubic stubble for weeks! If you can pull yourself together for those 15 fucking painful minutes, you’re good to go for the next 4-6 weeks. Plus, it is way better than sticking that damned razor to your vagina every week.

Well, I’ve just omitted an important task from my weekly to-do list! I am converted; for myself. 🙂

Though, I’d love to know your opinion too:
Would you rather take this pain for yourself, or just because he’ll love it?