For the Love of Summer Color & Bodysuits, featuring Archisman Misra Photography

For the Love of Summer Color & Bodysuits

In a country, where summer is all about tan removal, for me, it has been all about tan lines (& good times). Most of us don’t realize the beauty of our beautiful dusky skin tone. We’re the reason why “skin-lightening” products are such big sellers in the cosmetics industry. As a matter of fact, we have beautiful caramel-chocolate skin and we should totally appreciate it.

So, after returning from Pondicherry, I had to do a photoshoot before I lost my glorious tan. I got in touch with Archisman Misra through his #PortraitProject. Since then, we had been planning to collaborate for the longest time! A pure genius with an eye for creativity, he is an absolute delight to work with. (Don’t forget to check out his AMAZING Instagram handle and the #PortraitProject)

All of my shoots are limited by the lingerie I have on hand. And, when I had picked up this bodysuit from Marks & Spencer, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to use it in the shoot! But Archi decided to name the series ‘Broken Barbie’ and, looks like it did turn out pretty well!

For the Love of Summer Color & Bodysuits

Bodysuits are totally my thing! And, I happen to see bodysuits everywhere, however it’s rare to see people actually wearing them. The most common reason being discomfort. Believe me, they are not uncomfortable. In fact, they are great to be worn underneath body hugging outfits to attain a sleek, tucked-in look.

Moreover, they happen to be an excellent option to get more coverage under an otherwise revealing outfit, such as, a dress with deep sides, a crop top, or a sheer shirt. The ultimate goal is to wear something as interesting as your outerwear which, as you know, is what I support!

For the Love of Summer Color & Bodysuits

Are you a fan of bodysuits? Let me know how you feel about them?