Lingerie Mistakes You’re Making (& How To Fix Them ASAP)

Lingerie is outright beautiful. But, let’s face it, getting your hands on the one that suits you can be a pain in the ass. Women are usually making so many blunders when it comes to innerwear; right from buying them to maintaining them. So, what is the secret to looking great and feeling your best in those little buggers?
I’m here to tell you that it gets better. It’s high time you knew what lingerie mistakes are you most likely making and how you can make peace with these complex garments once and for all.

Let’s get the don’ts out of the way.

1. No! You’re not wearing lingerie for someone else.
It literally makes me feel icky when a woman says that only she’s going to see it, so it really doesn’t matter. Let’s take a scenario, you have an important meeting and are rocking a formal set. Wouldn’t it make you feel sexy, when you realize that you’re wearing a lace underwear? Sure, your boss doesn’t know it but you do. And, if you feel sexy, it gives you the confidence you need. My tip: Dress for success and you’re a step closer already.

2. No whites on white
Never EVER should you wear a white bra under a white or a black t-shirt; instead, opt for a nude or black bra. Ensure that you choose the right colored/patterned bra with your top/dress and don’t end up looking clumsy.

3. The “invisible” bra straps
I’ve just one thing to say to the women who wear “invisible” bra straps: WE ALL SEE THEM. There are various types of strapless bras, interchangeable straps and other accessories that are available to help you deal with this. Please use them.

4. VPL is a big no-no!
Seriously, visible panty lines are unforgivable. Underwear that is so tight they dig into you or a bra where you’re spilling out over the edge can make your most amazing outfit look gawky. To avoid this issue, I suggest you to try a hipster or low-rise thong.

5. Avoid machine washing your lingerie.
Even a single machine wash can completely ruin your lingerie. However tedious it may sound, hand-washing your innerwear is the best care you can give them. Be gentle while washing, rinsing, and squeezing out excessive water.

Talking about the do’s…

1. Nudes and pastels are forever.
Neutral and pastel lingerie are a must-have. They are the most versatile colors that will come to your rescue in the most disastrous situations. However, if you’re a lover of pop colors, don’t be afraid. No one has to know that you’re wearing bright yellow bra beneath your clothes, unless you decide to show them. If it makes you feel good, it will definitely make you look good (as long as it doesn’t mess up your outer appearance).

2. High quality lingerie is nothing less than an investment.
Avoid the horror of buying cheap scratchy fabrics. Remember, there’s nothing closer to your beautiful skin than lingerie. I know, luxurious fabrics like lace and silk are expensive, but look at it as an investment. If the lingerie feels good to your skin, then it’s actually worth splurging on.

3. There’s more to corsets & bustiers than special occasions.
Who says they are to be saved for Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries? Not me. Sport a corset, bustier and bodysuit underneath sheer tops, or with skirt/shorts/jeans for a fun night out with your girlfriends. This is a fascinating way to jazz up your outfit without looking too sexy.

4. Do NOT compromise with your bra size.
If you find your bra crushing your babies or underwear cutting into your skin, it’s time you went lingerie shopping. A lot of women seem to be hesitant going up a size. I say, it’s about being comfortable in your second skin and loving your body for being in it. Embrace your perfect imperfections and don’t be afraid to go for a larger size; they’re merely numbers & letters.

5. Surprise, my busty friends! Sleep bras do exist!
That joy of taking off your bra after a long tiring day. Doesn’t it feel so damn good? There’s absolutely nothing wrong doing it as long as you’re any size below 34D. However, if you possess large breasts (or, if you’re pregnant), this can cause unpleasant skin insertion & stretch marks. I suggest, you get yourself a sleep bra with soft – cup style, devoid of underwire and fasteners, which will provide some support from sagging. (No, sleeping with your bra on won’t cause breast cancer as you may have believed.) And, for the rest of you small breasted lucky bitches, the bra is not preventing sagging in any way. Go, have fun sleeping nude.