How do you tell if a bra fits well?

Hello, ladies! Who doesn’t know how tormenting finding the correct bra size can be? It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting fitted by a specialist, shopping for bra online, or measuring yourself for your size, it is very helpful if you know the basics. Believe me, it’s not a very comfortable idea at all, to wear a wrong size bra.

Take some time out and find an answer to the following questions, to find if your bra fits well and your chest will thank you for it.

  1. Do your straps keep slipping down?
    Try to adjust the straps. If that doesn’t work for you, it means your bra is not supporting you. You need to get yourself a bra with smaller band size. The band should be well enough to hold your chest up and offer you a proper, firm fit.
  2. Are your breasts bulging out over the top, sides or bottom of your cups?
    This might look cool when you’re trying the bra. But, wait until you put a t-shirt on and see as it ruins the shape. To fix this, opt for a bigger cup size. Also, ensure that the cup holds your entire breast without the dreaded quadraboob. That, milady, is super awkward.
  3. Are your cups wrinkly or baggy?
    If this is the case, your cups are probably too large. I’d recommend you to go down a cup size. However, if you find that only one cup is loose, opt for a padded bra to help them out.
  4. Do you wear your bra on the last hook?
    Ideally, you should wear your bra on the middle hook. So, even when your bra stretches over time, it can be tightened. And if you still find it lose, go down a band size.
  5. Does your band ride up in the back?
    Stand to the side in front of the mirror and check if your band is even. If it is riding up in the back, it is too large. Instead of going up, your band should fit firmly & horizontally across your back.
  6. Do you have dents on your shoulder?
    Your boobs are not to be blamed. It’s the band that is meant to support them. Your band size is large, which is why the bands are taking the slack. You should opt for a smaller band size.
  7. Does the center of your bra lift off your chest?
    The gore(centerpiece in between the cups) is supposed to rest on your chest. But if there’s any space, your cups are too small. I’d suggest you try a bigger cup size. And while trying the bra, lift your hands over your head and ensure that the underwire is not rising up.
  8. Does the underwire poke you?
    No, it is not normal. Try a bigger cup size.
  9. Do you have back bulge?
    Infamously known as back fat, it is actually a bulge as your bra is too tight and is squeezing you. You need a bigger band size.
  10. Does your neck or back hurt?
    This mostly happens because you are wearing the wrong size bra. Visit any lingerie store and ask to get yourself sized properly. It’s absolutely free and totally worth it!