Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men

First things first. I applaud you for taking this initiative. The effort you’re putting in buying something for that special woman, which is going to make her look and feel more beautiful, is remarkable.

In this post, I will give you some simple tips on lingerie shopping.  This information will help you find a perfect gift for her that’ll make her smile and blush, and put the sparkle into your relationship!

Sizing Issues
To begin with, browse around your lady’s underwear drawer and find out a few of her bra and panty sizes. I suggest you write them down as women often wear the incorrect size and you’ll find more than one sizes. You can bring that range to the sales woman and get an idea of what range your woman is in. Besides, carry a photo of the woman, it will give the saleswoman an ides of her size.

Be brave, go ahead and make the purchase. It may cause you some discomfort, but isn’t she worth it! And, in case you want to play safe, get her a gift card. But, I feel that a gift is a better idea. Women love unwrapping gifts and she can always exchange it (only if it’s a bra) if it’s not her style!

Finding something that’s sexy, and not trashy
Communicate. Share your fantasies with your lady. See if she is up to that and then bring her what you would like to see her in.

Mostly the girl will spend hours decking herself out in what she sees as super sexy. The man, even though appreciative, may have an entirely different idea of what he likes. But he won’t say anything after knowing what lengths the woman has gone to.

Look out at details
Besides other things, look for something that you think or know she will feel comfortable in. If a woman is not comfortable, she won’t feel sexy. Don’t buy her a G-string, if she feels insecure about her butt. And, if she is busty, don’t bring home a push-up bra.

Thongs are for life, aren’t they?
No; especially when she doesn’t wear them. However, if she loves thongs then you know what you’re supposed to pick! No woman has enough knickers. And, if you find her something nice, you’ll receive a very happy response!

Fabric, Design & Colors
This entirely depends on Vitamin M. I mean, whatever you can afford will decide this for you. Don’t buy latex for her, if she has a sensitive skin. Look for something that’s soft. If she wears a lot of lace that’s another sign!

Matching Set
It shouldn’t necessarily be matching. Mix and match is always fun. But, if she prefers matching, then yes!

Besides bras and panties
Use your imagination! Go to a lingerie store. There are chemises, teddies, corsets, garters, stockings, PJs, gowns and robes.

It is not necessary to go to one of those lingerie stores in the mall. Although the selection is great, the possibility of embarrassment (on your part) might be high if it’s your first time. Rather check out a few online resources that offer lingerie.

That’s all, boys. Now, go shop for that special woman in your life!