Exercise Because You Love Your Body

We come across numerous fit & fabulous Instagram handles. And, we’re left with a feeling of awe and envy at the same time. And while stalking these handles, we never really bother to know about their struggle. In fact, what’s common in each one of them is, they learnt to love their bodies.

One such babe is Protima Tiwary. She’s is the beauty and the beast! No kidding!

And here’s her first-hand account on how she took a step out of her comfort zone and got comfortable with every beautiful imperfection. Not only that, but also how she’s still striving to keep up with her fit lifestyle every goddamn day!

Here’s Dumbbells and Drama for you –

This fitness thing, all these workouts and diets, etc? All this isn’t for pleasing the society, for reaching a goal weight or a shape I think the society might like on you. This isn’t about people at all. This is all about you. That’s the beauty of fitness, it’s the one thing that no one can steal from you. Trying to please society to get “skinny” isn’t doing anything to your health. Trying to “gain” because it’s a fad isn’t healthy either. Do this for you. Exercise because you love your body, and not because you want to fit in to exist.

Here’s the funny thing about this fit lifestyle; no one talks about the struggles or the beginning. Everyone talks about motivating through those #beastmode updates on the internet. I’ve personally connected with people only when I’ve shared my story, which is why I’m going to share a little something with you before I say “wake up and get moving”

Over the years I’ve realized what made me adopt my healthy lifestyle. It started off with the usual junk overload and no exercise bit, but I came to a point where I realized I didn’t have anything I could call my own. Nothing felt like an achievement. Getting an MBA degree wasn’t satisfying enough. Working for the corporate world had made feel like I was losing out on my individuality. Plus my personal life was a mess of gigantic proportions and before I could even blink, my life had changed overnight. What does a person do when they feel this low? I did the same- OD’ed on pizzas and slept all day and worked my way through a to-do list at work every day.

And then I got bored of this routine. I realized it was time to do something for myself. That’s when I turned to running. I could only be excited about this because I didn’t see it as a punishment for being “fat” or “sad” or “unsuccessful” Earlier when I had tried working out, I would give up in a  week because it was always a punishment. ALWAYS. I’m so glad things changed back in 2012 when I took up fitness only as a reason to do something for myself. I did not start with a goal weight in mind, I did not have any mandates. I worked out because it was my “me time” I stepped out of my comfort zone of TV shows and pizzas and started running. 5 months into the routine and I ran my first 10k in 54minutes.

PRO TIP- Kids, take part in marathons and races. Not because you need to win it, but something about finishing that distance will change something in you. I want you to experience that empowering finish at least once in your life.

Moving out of my comfort zone was scary, but I started loving it when I saw results. I didn’t care much about the physical results back then; it was the mental happiness that was empowering. All of a sudden I was okay with my shortcomings, I was comfortable with my weaknesses, and I wanted to work towards making things better. I wanted to be a better version of me, and that is what kept me going.

This holds true even today, where I’ve seen the results of MY hard work, I’ve seen the difference a shift in attitude can make. Once the results start showing, it becomes a healthy obsession and you’re all set to challenge yourself every single day, and that’s what this is all about. You do you.

Love yourself enough to want to keep striving for better. If you don’t love yourself, how will you ever do anything that is good for you?

Accept yourself for who you are, everything else will follow. Stop blaming yourself for being ‘overweight’ or ‘fat’. 55kgs looks different on you and me. Set realistic goals. Easier said than done, I know. The #fitfam is here to help. Reach out.

Healthy shows on your face. You deserve that happiness, all of us do.