To Every Woman Who Doesn’t Wait for a Knight but a Sword…

Power is not to overpower somebody else, nor does it have anything to do with being a strong businesswoman. It’s about having the ambition and passion to be yourself and live your own dreams. Being powerful holds a far deeper meaning than just overtaking the power of men or to free ourselves from the rules of the society.

The definition of a ‘powerful woman’ is highly subjective. But I can definitely say that someone who’s comfortable with herself is powerful. She chooses what she wants to do with her life rather than have it controlled by society or her fear. She can prefer to be a stay-at-home mom or perhaps CEO, she can be shy or bold, body positive and at times, slightly insecure. To each her own. But you can always tell when that power is there.

Here are 10 traits that define a powerful woman who is in charge of her life:

  1. She doesn’t alter her opinion based on who she’s talking to. Instead of worrying about what people will perceive, she cares about what she wants to say.
  2. She chooses to be with someone who helps her become a better person. She doesn’t get caught up in a toxic relationship, as it’ll hinder the life she wants to live.
  3. Energy is what creates life and it is significant for her to figure out what requires her attention. She knows what thoughts and tasks need her attention, and sets her priorities accordingly.
  4. She ensures that she’s capable of being independent before going after love. This way, she’ll be able to remove herself from situations that are unresolvable or unbearable. She’ll never have to “need” someone to survive.
  5. She’s passionate about what she does. It makes putting time and effort into her work pleasurable, and not seem like a chore.
  6. She’s aware of her thoughts, feelings, needs, wants and wishes. Self-awareness lets her reconnect with her inner self & to fulfill her true potential.
  7. There is no point in dwelling on the past; no matter how bad, ugly or maybe great it was. She learns from her past experiences, dreams of a better tomorrow and lives in the moment.
  8. She let goes of the need for approval. It is her life, and she surely doesn’t want to end up living it for other people. She deserves to live the life SHE wants. She doesn’t need anyone to approve or validate of her life choices.
  9. She doesn’t expect perfection. She doesn’t focus on her flaws but her abilities, or else it’ll affect the latter and more so even her mental health. She recognizes the stuff that makes her wonderful and then boldly leaves the rest behind.
  10. She shines for others. Other women are not her competition. She stands for them, not against them. As they say, real queens fix each other’s crowns.

So, here’s to all the strong women:
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

Shot by Devvrat Arya