Does your bra ‘stick’ with you in crisis?

Like most big-breasted women, I choose not to go braless ever. In fact, I’ll do anything and everything to reduce bouncing, nippleage, and back strain.

Being a ‘big’ girl, spaghetti or backless top/dress had always been off my list. But, I always wanted to be able to don thin-strapped, off-shoulder or low-cut dresses just like the models in Forever 21 catalogs do.

So, this one time I got myself a beautiful backless dress for a wedding and ended up slipping every hour to a dark corner to adjust my supposedly sticky bra. I must admit, it was a major bra fail!

Well, let me introduce stick on bra (aka adhesive bra) here. It literally sticks to your breasts to offer the support of a normal bra without being visible in your strapless/backless/sideless clothing. Speaking of support, you’ll hate stick on bras if you have something against strapless bras. The situation gets further tensed as the stores don’t let you try it on before buying them; making it all a guessing game of boob support!

So, here I am with some information about 5 types of stick on bras that I hope is helpful. I judged them based on their stickiness, shape, cleavage game and if it can be worn under a slinky dress. I hope that’s not too much to ask for!

Balconette Wing Adhesive Bra

Volume & cleavage: This is meant to make your twins perky. But, depending on your shape, this bra can make them look slightly conical.

Stickiness: Don’t opt for this if you sweat like a pig. It will come off and you’ll have a hard time putting it back in place (time and time again).

Support: Before you wear it & in some time start panicking let me warn you, it may not be very supportive for my big-breasted sisters! Small boobed bitches win this one!

Cons: The wings are visible on the sides and you won’t be able to wear it under low-cut, backless and side-less tops.

Find it here:

Silicon Stick-on Bra


Volume & cleavage: The silicone adds about a cup size. You have to stick each cup separately, pull them together and fasten the clasp. And yes, it does give you a mad butt-in-the-front cleavage.

Stickiness: You’ll feel paranoid about its ability and you’ll ensure every once in a while if it’s still in place. Relax, you good to go for at least a couple of hours. However, once you start sweating, the bra eventually loses its staying power. Then, all it needs is a quick jiggle to drop off.

Support: Zero. Don’t even try to run!

Cons: The bra lacks any push-up effect. But, there are high chances that the outline of the bra is visible.

 Find it here:

U Plunge Backless Strapless Bra


Volume & cleavage: The U-shaped plunging neckline and contour cups with underwire support makes this bra very versatile. Offering minimal cleavage, this is just perfect for low-cut clothing.

Stickiness: The tops of each cup have a thin line of adhesive which prevents spillage. It has adhesive wings as well. All this makes the breasts feel in place.

Support: Underwire offers great support. But big-breasted ladies may find their boobs popping out of the sides.

Cons: Not good for dresses that are low on the sides. Plus, this bra may not cover your whole boob if your cup size is D or above.

 Find it here:

Nipple Pasties


Volume & cleavage: This is most suitable for small breasted women only, who are more concerned about coverage instead of support. These pasties not only lift your bust but at the same time prevent you from ending up in any awkward moments due to chill.

Stickiness: The nipple pasties are usually very sticky and can usually last for 5-10 wears before they lose their staying power. Plus, the absence of adhesive in the nipple area is just so thoughtful.

Support: It’s a no-support substitute of bra.

Cons: A big no-no for saggy breasts.

Find it here:

Breast Lift Tape

Volume & cleavage: This tape is so thin that it gives a natural non-padded look. Besides, it perks up the bust really well.

Stickiness: Very sticky and almost undetectable.

Support: This transparent and waterproof breast lift tape offers amazing shape and fantastic support to sizes ranging from A-D (yayyyy!!!!). In fact, you can even wear it with bikinis and swimsuits.

Cons: It’s a one-time use product.

Find it here:

With my research on stick on bras, I can confidently say that there are a couple of good options. We’re not doomed to wearing bras with visible lines, under our perfect tops/dresses and end up dressing clumsily.