What is the difference between Bra and Bralette

How about we call the bralette, bra’s younger sister? It’s a pretty little thing, all lacy and strappy with minimal padding and support. And for the last couple of years, she’s been getting enough attention to be on her own.

A bralette is a bra devoid of underwire or even molded cups. Think of it as a sports bra but without the intensity to hold in your twins. They are usually thin and have lacy straps like any other bra. However, they don’t offer as much of support. Many women may not feel comfortable wearing it if they’re used to extra support and enhancement. But, women with small to average bust can totally rock it!

On the other side bras may have padding and wire to offer the required support. They make the bust line look bigger, thereby giving a perkier breast illusion.

Unlike bras, bralettes can be paired with a tank top or a see through top to offer a chic look. In fact, some women are confident enough to wear them without a top. However, it is important to note that it only works for ladies with a smaller size. And if you’re lucky enough to have smaller to average breasts (I’m jealous!), don’t hesitate to get your hands on one of these little pieces!