Demystifying Lingerie; One Bra At A Time – Part 3

It is a nightmare when you wear a beautiful evening gown, and have someone point-out that the bra straps are showing clumsily. Well, my point is that a bra is as important as any outerwear. Of course, there’s a whole ordeal of finding a plunge, backless or strapless bra (for those special outfits), but once you find the perfect one, it’s all worth it. Consider this, no faux pas or wardrobe malfunction ever!

So, moving on to the last part of the series:

9. Bandeau

This summer, opt for an unconventional, fancy and flirty bra. A bandeau is a strapless bra, which is basically a band of fabric that wraps around your breasts. It’s a tube top styled bra with a variety of support levels; from no support to underwire versions.

Chiefly, basic bandeau is ideal for women with smaller busts. And, if you’re above a C cup, wearing this bra can prove very tricky unless you choose to go with an underwired one. This lingerie piece works very well under strapless tops with narrow necklines or low armholes.

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10. Sports Bra

Sports bra is the only way of stopping our boobs from smacking us right in the face when we exercise. Jokes apart, sports bra has nowadays become an athletic fashion piece. It flattens the breasts and doesn’t let them come in the way of our workout.

Since you can even wear it without an outerwear, it’s made a little larger. This helps prevent discomfort and embarrassment during vigorous exercise like running and jumping. Make sure to shop sports bras according to your workout plans. While a light support bra is best for yoga and walking, you’ll need a high-impact sports bra if you’re into running or hard-core sports.

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11. Bralette

Wearing a conventional bra feels like sending our boobs to boob jail every day. How about giving your bosom a much needed break this summer and getting yourself a couple of cute bralettes? You can think of a bralette to be a perfect cross between a bra and crop top.

You can get your hands on some amazing designs, some of which offer you a great shape. Generally they work best with smaller cup sizes and augmented chests, since this bra doesn’t offer much support. However, if you’re looking forward to a day lazing around your apartment on a weekend, you can’t really be bothered with an underwire.

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12. Strapless Bra

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of finding that perfect strapless bra! It is an ultimate solution to most of our bra woes. A strapless bra comes in a number of styles for you to choose from; longline, push up, plunge, full figure, low cut and bridal.

However, keep in mind that the support of any bra, comes from the band and that’s what keeps your bust up. Thus, if you opt for a bra with a wide band and bigger cup, the straps aren’t really necessary.

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Even if you invest in the most beautiful and comfortable bra, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s taken care of properly. It is recommended to hand wash underwire or more sturdy bras. And, if you can’t do that, please get them a lingerie bag. This way, you can wash your bras in a machine on a delicate cycle.

Do you have a bra type I didn’t cover? Please leave a comment and I’ll answer your question!