Can you wear lingerie ‘for yourself’ and not your partner?

Can you wear lingerie ‘for yourself’ and not your partner?

Whoever said that women wear lingerie to please men have it all wrong! Ladies, wearing pretty lingerie has got nothing to do with a man. In fact, it’s about claiming yourself at your most powerful.

I can already hear you complaining…

  • This is not going to make me look like a model.
  • Why make so much effort when nobody’s going to see me in it?
  • This looks uncomfortable.
  • My partner doesn’t care what I wear.
  • I’m single and there’s no special occasion.

Honey, get one thing straight, what you think about yourself is how the world sees you. And, don’t you think fine lingerie is a great way to begin with?

Ok, imagine yourself in a pair of old granny panties and a worn out bra whose underwire is poking out. What do you think? Meh…?

Now, imagine yourself in something lacy and exquisite… How do you feel about that? SO MUCH BETTER!

It’s absolutely ridiculous to save your pretty little things for special occasions. You totally deserve to feel fanciful all the time! And, here are four reasons, you absolutely SHOULD!

Can you wear lingerie ‘for yourself’ and not your partner?

REASON #1: A method to boost your confidence and self-esteem
The ultimate aim is to impress yourself. And, when you do that you feel confident, which reflects on the outside. Even if you’re single, why not show that love to yourself, that you would’ve have otherwise been showered on your partner. And, how about you buy a variety of styles of lingerie so you can choose to wear your mood any given day!

REASON #2: A source of body empowerment
Body empowerment is doubtlessly a complex issue but again, change begins with us. But once you’ve finally made up your mind to allow yourself the pleasure of fine lingerie, you’ve already taken a step ahead. A perfect piece of lingerie will reflect your sexual personality with subtlety. Although this one step won’t end the war on women, it’ll at least help you conquer the battle for your physical being.

REASON #3: Claiming your feminine power
We live in a patriarchal world. And, with the media owning the ability to influence our standards of beauty, it’s totally working against us. Even wearing lingerie, which is nothing unusual for a woman, is seen as an act of feminist reclamation or perhaps an act of self-induced objectification.
But in fact, it’s about your comfort, perception, confidence and taste. It’s about feeling amazing, on your own terms. It is absolutely thrilling.

Can you wear lingerie ‘for yourself’ and not your partner?

REASON #4: Owning your personal power
Lingerie is what you wear closest to your skin. So, when you choose which underwear will make you feel beautiful, your brain will receive signals that you’re seeking for beautiful things in your life.
It really doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing an utterly sexy, lacy underwear! Try pairing your regular nude cotton bra with a nude panty. Believe me, it’ll make you feel just as powerful and sexy as a lacy underwear.

REASON #5: Exploring your sexuality
In a society that is hell bent on sexual repression, we all need to allow ourselves some self- exploration. The day you start celebrating the love you have for your sexual self is when you’ll accept your body in the true sense. Sexual self-understanding relates to self-empowerment. So, throw on that “occasionally used” lingerie and embrace the sexual goddess you are.

Can you wear lingerie ‘for yourself’ and not your partner?

Lingerie is a fascinating secret that you can choose to reveal (or not). There’s something so sexy and mysterious about this secret that makes you feel alive. It’s high time you fell in love with yourself. So, indulge in some beautiful lingerie choices because you’re totally worth it!


Shot by the super talented Archisman Misra