Bra Storage Hacks To Make Your Lingerie Game Strong

It’s not easy being a woman. We need space for our clothes, shoes, make up, jewelry and of course, lingerie. I realized that bit about lingerie when I expanded my bra collection. And, I too have been guilty of digging through the mess of clothes to find out the right bra in a hurry.

Lingerie is delicate and often expensive. Looking after your delicates will not only extend their life but also keep your stuff organized.

When it comes to lingerie storage, divide your bras into two categories:

  • The soft cup bra
  • The moulded cup bra

The moulded cups need extra care and attention. You need to ensure that they get squashed. Do NOT fold one cup into the other as they can easily get bent out of shape that way.

So, here are a few ways to straighten out a tangled mass of straps, hooks, and unmatched fabrics.


Imagine opening up a beautifully organized drawer of lingerie every morning. Even the thought of it is so satisfying, isn’t it?


If arranged properly, a drawer is the most effective place to store your girly things. You can line up padded, delicate and elaborate bras, while fold sports bras, bandeaus, non-padded bras, and other intimates. Simply fasten the bra clasp & tuck in the strap.


Lingerie bag

These adorable bra storage cases are everything your brassieres needs. The bags are a great way to keep your moulded bras from getting lumpy, distorted and entangled in your drawer or suitcase.



When you spend so much money on your lingerie, there’s no point on spending more on storing them! Keep your bras organized and looking pretty in your amazingly well put-together closet. Use hangers to put your girly things right in the closet for a convenient storage and display option. However, do ensure that the bra clasps are fastened.


As you may have noticed in the picture, the cups of the bra don’t stick out as you may have guessed it to. This storage idea saves you time and space and is guaranteed to extend the life of your bras.

I’d love to know what methods do you use to store your beautiful bras; and if there are any kickass combination of ideas that I haven’t thought of!