Boyshort Panties: Cheeky for all the right reasons!

The truth is, men love thongs while women hate them. I have nothing against thongs. But I say, they were invented by a man who selfishly plotted against women to feel uneasy & miserable. In fact, I’d kill to see a man wear a damned piece of fabric between his cheeks all day & see how long it lasts.

When boys move from wearing briefs to boxers, why do girls grow up and mature into wearing a tinier and more uncomfortable version of undergarments?

Well, I have got a solution here: Boyshort Panties.

#1: There is nothing wrong with Boyshort Panties.

It is called ‘boyshorts’ for a reason! Men wear this kind of underwear all the time. They are identical in style to men’s boxer shorts; but are tighter and of course, so much sexier.

#2: They are comfortable.

The transition of men from briefs to boxers is pretty evident; comfort issue. We need let our stuff ‘breathe’. But we decide to throw our comfort out of the window, and for what? So we’re able to hide our panty lines?

Well, boyshorts are as practical as they are cheeky, and trust me, you won’t go wrong with adding a pair or two to your lingerie wardrobe. They are the best way out when you need to get rid of panty-lines without compromising comfort, or sexiness.

#3: Time to get rid of those Granny Panties.

Granny panties are never acceptable; unless you’re invisible. And, if you secretly like to wear granny panties, you need to do yourself a favor and stop. Boyshorts are so much better than the embarrassment that is a granny panty.

#4: Men find them fun, flirty and sensual.

Pick up a lacy, sexy pair of boyshorts and put them on before going in for a “playful session”. They’re for you, but the gift is for him! Try them on and strut around the house one time. He’ll show you his appreciation!

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We try to satisfy this ridiculous expectation that the society has set on us. Realistically, we have placed these expectations on ourselves; to carry out a duty of keeping our cheeks exposed all the time. Comfort is over everything and thus, we should definitely embrace the boyshort panties.