Is body acceptance an excuse to be fat or skinny?

Is body acceptance an excuse to be fat or skinny

I’m often asked if I’m in fact encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle when I talk about body acceptance. And, it’s high time I talk about it.

There’s a thin line between “love who you are, no matter what” and “you are killing yourself with your lifestyle choices, and you need to do something about it”. The motive is to work towards a healthier existence, physically and mentally.

We cannot call someone fat or skinny, without knowing what they have gone through. Maybe she is big boned or he is naturally super skinny. Maybe they are working regularly to improve their health.

“Strong is the new sexy.”
“You need to eat more.”
“Real women have curves.”
“That person is TOO strong.”
“Big is beautiful.”

You might have heard such statements from people judging you based on the number on the scale, your shape or size. But, they want you to get in shape but not TOO in shape. If you’re a man, you can be big… but not TOO big. If you’re a woman, you can be strong… but not TOO strong or you’ll be considered “manly”. After all, who exactly gets to determine what your body should look like? You.

I’m all for body acceptance. But, I’m not trying to make obesity or skinny healthy. You can feel sexy at any body size, but you are definitely not healthy at any size. And, all I’m asking you is to not hate your body if you are in an unhealthy place. Instead, take a step towards a healthier life because you love yourself. I love myself for who I am. It doesn’t matter if someone considers me skinny or fat. I’m size 12. And, it does not matter, really. But, what does matter to me is my physical and mental health.

So eat the damn cake, but commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

Can you suggest a way to help people lead a healthy life without offending them? And, what about people who proudly don’t want to change? Share your thoughts with me on this controversial subject.