I have an addiction.

Unlike the interest of what goes on the outside, my inclination is what goes on the underneath. And since the time I started this blog (Jan. 2016), lingerie has become my full-blown obsession. In fact, I read, look at and try to educate myself about it on a regular basis.

For me, lingerie is a purely personal experience. It’s not about being “sexy”. It’s the same as any other outerwear. It reflects my mood, it’s a confidence booster, the physical embodiment of my personality and dressing tastes.

I won’t call myself a lingerie expert. Rather, creating content about lingerie is a way of indulging myself in my addiction a little more & have a platform to talk about it.

I run a project #HateLoss on Instagram, where people send me pictures which are featured on my Instagram profile. It’s a platform to celebrate all bodies.

I’m an engineer by education, who’s a writer by profession and an unabashed body positive lingerie blogger by passion. While looking for new opportunities to share my knowledge and experience, I’m finding myself, healing myself, loving myself, being passionate, getting fit, growing friendships, making memories, trying to get more tattoos, and creating sassy content for my blog and social media. Oh and, I have an unhealthy fixation with lace!

Good vibes begin with the first thing I put on after waking up.