8 tricks to avoid visible panty lines

how to avoid vpl

You may put your best outfit together but one wrong choice of underwear is all you need to ruin your look. Although it’s a common mistake that every girl typically makes, it’s still embarrassing and at times the task to hide panty lines is unconquerable. But believe me, it isn’t hard to fix as long as you know the cause of the problem. And so, here I am with 10 foolproof tips to avoid panty lines –

1. No VPL underwear

This is downright the most practical thing to do; do your pretty tush a favor and buy yourself some seamless underpants. It fits perfectly on your butt, making it feel like second skin. You can find them at most lingerie stores. My personal favorite is Marks & Spencer.

how to avoid visible panty lines

Image courtesy – http://www.marksandspencer.com

2. Match the underwear with your bottom

Dark underwear underneath light colored outfit is a big NO NO! The darkness of your underwear will how through your skirt/trouser, and that my lady, is so not cool. However, if you are wearing white bottoms, do NOT opt for white underwear. In that case, nude colored underwear should be your best bet.

3. A thong (or a G-string)

This will surely let you have a smooth derriere, as there is barely any fabric visible. Although you may feel uncomfortable the first time, but once you get used to it, you’ll be just fine! And ensure that you buy the correct size or your thighs won’t be very pleased with all the chafing.

4. Nothing fancy, please!

In such situations, avoid wearing fancy underwear. Lace and prints will simply make it worse as they have high tendency of showing through any bottom wear made of thin material.

how to avoid visible panty lines

Image courtesy – http://www.hosieryandmore.com/

5. Boyshorts to the rescue

Well, I can’t say this enough, but boyshorts are the most trustworthy underwear EVER! Unlike thongs (or G-strings) they are extremely comfortable, and no matter what, they won’t be visible through your clothes. In fact, you can also get yourself ‘No VPL’ boy shorts!

6. ‘Slip’ into comfort

Another great way to avoid having panty lines (for that matter, all the lines at all) is to don a well-fitted slip underneath your clothes. You can also wear a shapewear! And if you haven’t tried one yet, believe me, you’ll love how chic and sleek it’ll make you look.

7. Pantyhose

A pantyhose/stocking adds a layer of material between your underwear and bottom-wear, making it difficult for the panty lines to be visible. Plus, it adds a stylish touch to your mini dress!

8. Layer it up, babe!

Try this pretty easy trick; tie a flannel or a denim shirt around your waist. This will be an add-on to your chic look. Here’s how you should do it –

how to avoid visible panty lines

Image courtesy – http://ootdmagazine.com/

Step 1: Unbutton the shirt completely and put it behind you.
Step 2: Now fold the collar down twice and no need to make it look perfect. We’re aiming for an effortless look.
Step 3: Tie the sleeves how you would normally do. And when tying the second time, the other sleeve goes first. This will get you even hanging sleeves.
Step 4: Lastly, adjust your shirt according to your convenience to flatter your figure best.
I hope these tricks are helpful for the next time you decide to wear something body-hugging. Also, do drop me a comment and tell me how you trick your VPL into not showing!