7 Things Your Mom Never Told You About White Lingerie

Hands down! White lingerie reigns as a definite classic. And, why not! We’ve been wearing white ever since we hit puberty and our mothers got us our first bra.

Almost each one of us was bought a white bra before we could complete high school. However, we were never schooled in how to take care of it.

Well, here’s what your mom never told you…

“Nothing can be more supportive than your lingerie. And, if they’re undergoing hardships, then woman, you need to get your priorities straight!”

1. Wash whites with other whites only.

Discoloration is the last thing you’d want to happen to your underwear.

2. If you get hard water supply, invest in a good water softener.

The minerals in the water get settled on your intimates. That leads them to look grey and dull.

3. Clean your washing machine.

The fibers of the colored fabric that you may have washed before, attach themselves to your lingerie. This dulls their appearance.

4. Perspiration and body oils act as notorious yellowing agents.

Use hot water while washing your underwear. It does a better job of getting rid of stains.

5. Do NOT use bleaching agents on your lingerie.

Instead, add half a cup lemon juice to the rinse cycle. This will act as a natural bleaching agent.

6. Never wring your bra. It may disfigure it & affect its support.

Rinse well and squeeze them gently. Lay flat or hang, depending on the style and material.

7. Stained your favorite intimates? Here’s a simple tip for you…

Well, if everything else fails; dye them.


All it takes is some effort to keep your white bras, panties, and other lingerie looking like new.  And trust me; this extra effort is well worth it when it comes to your favorite undies.