5 Things You’ll Experience, Once You Start Wearing Bralettes

5 Things You’ll Experience, When You Start Wearing Bralettes

For the longest time, I used to think bralettes were restricted to girls with barely-there boobs. But I never lost hope and kept searching for one that would fit me and support the twins.

Soon, I bought my first bralette, and I was converted. Not only are they super cute, but they go with absolutely anything, are a delight as statement pieces, and hundred times more comfortable than underwired, padded bras. And yes, even generously breasted girls can pull them off.

Here are 5 things you’ll experience, once you start wearing bralettes:

1. You’ll feel free!
Believe me, they are ridiculously comfortable and you’ll feel, you’re in your loungewear! Literally, always! It’s that comfortable. Although, there are certain clothes that do call for a proper bra, but once you start wearing a bralette, you’ll always opt for a more comfortable option. Besides, even if it shows, it looks cute plus it’s usually lace, so doesn’t look bad at all!

2. They can make any simple tee look chic!
Wear them like a statement piece underneath deep-neck tops. The subtle glimpse will surely add the wow factor to your appearance. And, even if the straps are on show, trust me, it won’t look tacky. Besides, I can’t get over the fact that they have such stunning lacy details!

5 Things You’ll Experience, When You Start Wearing Bralettes
3. Shirts fit better!
Good news for all those shirts that you’ve been avoiding wearing due to button-down boob gap. Wear a bralette and your girls will have all the room in the world as there won’t be any padding under your shirt. Besides, this also makes the fairly snug tops, like crop tops and fitted tank tops look great.

4. You’ll look more natural & curvy!
Underwired bras offer amazing shape to the breasts. But, don’t you hate feeling uncomfortable all day with your breasts being moulded into that particular shape? With bralettes, your breasts can breathe fresh air and feel free! Besides, it was way better than the marks on your rib cage caused by the annoying underwire.

5 Things You’ll Experience, When You Start Wearing Bralettes
5. No uncomfortable underwire or tight straps!
We’ve all been through this- When we go for bra shopping, either the band fits but the cup doesn’t, or vice versa. Then you begin applying permutation and combination, hopping from one store to another. That’s too much stress! Fortunately, in case of bralettes, all you have to do adjust the straps. You’ll realize that most of them fit like low impact sports bra. So, no more worrying about poking underwire, shoulder-digging straps or constraint of bra cups! 

Do you also prefer bralettes over bras? Let me know in the comment section!