5 Shapewear Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Ending up with the wrong size. Finding your innerwear too tight. Underwear showing through the dress. Believe me, we’ve all been there! And just so this doesn’t happen anymore, here’s a post dedicated to my new best friend, a body shaper.

But before we get started on why am I talking about shapewear, when in the last post we talked about the zillion body positive resolutions… let me tell you, we’re trying to look pretty for ourselves, so we feel confident. It’s not even about discomfort. As unlike old times, shapewear doesn’t comprise of iron and whalebone corsets that can potentially crush your ribs and internal organs, might even interfere with breathing, and cause fainting. We’re talking about being able to wear our favourite body-hugging dresses, while flaunting our lovable curves.

Mistake #1:
Buying without trying
This is much more frequent than you might think! “I’ve always been a 34B!” No honey, you won’t be 34B forever! Our bodies change, accept it. Now, it important to find the size that is the most flattering for you. It’ll only make sense to buy Shapewear, if it does its job i.e., fits well.

Buying shapewear that is too small will only end up making you uncomfortable at all the wrong places. Start finding your size using the style’s size chart as a guide. And, don’t hesitate in going a size or two up or down. Try it on and find the right shapewear and it’ll do what it’s intended to; to hold you in, hide cellulite and keep you smooth and line-free!

Mistake #2:
One shapewear solution for every problem
Consider how you match different shoes with different outfits. Similarly, there are specific shapewear to solve different problems. For example, body con dresses beg for a shaping slip, a white pant needs a nude colored shaping panty, fitted tops call for a shaping camisole and so on… Sometimes you just need specialized shaping pieces beneath different silhouettes.

Here’s some information about the various shaper types along with their focus points:

  1. Minimizer bra- Bust and upper back
  2. Control brief- Abdomen, rear, hips; if it extends upward, then waist and if it extends downward, then thighs
  3. Shaper slip- Abdomen, rear, hips and thighs
  4. Waist clincher- Waist and if it extends downward, then abdomen
  5. Thigh shaper- Abdomen, rear, hips and thighs
  6. Bodysuit- All-over shaping; if the shaper has a built-in bra, then bust as well

Mistake #3
Underwear matching the outfit
Hell no! That’s not how it works! Rather opt for a nude shapewear. It’s most versatile. However, if you want to wear it is as a part of your outfit, find something that doesn’t “look” like shapewear. Like something with pretty lace detail so it peeks out from under your blouse.

Mistake #4
Fashion > Comfort
Please, don’t sacrifice your comfort for anything! It’s nothing but a waste of money to buy something that you ultimately end up ripping. Invest in something you can eat and breathe in comfortably.

Identify your target areas and pick the shapewear based on that. Knowing your body type helps you find the solutions you should focus on. 

Mistake #5
Wrong choice of innerwear
Don’t expect shapewear to hide the wrong bra and panty. Choosing the wrong foundation can lead to a disastrous outcome, like revealing your bra outline, panty line and shapewear lines on top of that! Consider layering very carefully – seamless undies, a well-fitted, smoothing bra and then add the perfectly invisible shaping piece. To make it easier for you, I’d rather suggest the shapewear that does double duty i.e. a shaping bodysuit. You may even find pieces that go well with your own bra underneath.

And ultimately some piece of advice… Before wearing shapewear, apply baby powder to your body. This will help avoid itching and sweating that might occur because of an extra layer of clothing. Believe me, it’ll keep you feeling dry and clean all day.

Shot by the amazeballs Devvrat Arya