5 Embarrassing Underwear Questions Answered Blatantly

Our underthings aren’t called ‘delicates’ for nothing! The fact that they contain our most delicate anatomy all the time, practically makes us even closer to them than our main squeeze. But how many times have you discussed your underwear from a health perspective?

From running out of clean undies to going commando, I’ve covered 5 questions every woman needs answers to but is embarrassed to ask.

1. Does doing another day in the same undies make you clumsy and gross?

Well, I have a good news for each one of you who’s skipped a laundry day. As long as your undies are clean to the eye, you can do with the same pair of underwear two days in a row. From a health perspective, you’re in no trouble.

But there are a couple of things you need to keep in consideration. If you are prone to itching, sores, or rashes, I’d suggest you not to raise your expectations. Besides, it’s way better to don a fresh pair than getting a vaginal infection. Moisture build-up in your vay-jay-jay can lead to yeast infections, so it’s advisable to keep the area nice and dry.

2. Is one fabric better than the other?

Hell yes! It’s crucial for your underwear fabric to be breathable and moisture absorbing. Genital infections are no fun, and wearing a clean, loose-fitting pair of cotton underwear is way better than ending up with a wicked itching.

For athletes and people who have overactive sweat glands, polyester or a polyester blend have been really popular. It keeps moisture away from down there for long hours.

3. Is a thong an alternative to avoid visible panty lines while working out?

Woah! Woah! Woah! Hang on! You should definitely reconsider this decision. These babies are not meant to be worn on the treadmill (or whatever). They are sure to cause you some major trouble if you are prone to vaginal infections.

Moreover, wearing thongs to the gym is like taking along the bacteria for a ride. Besides, your lady-bits are exposed to the outerwear; sweaty leggings, that trap moisture and, increase the likeliness of infection. It’s better to get undies with full booty coverage to avoid these ugly issues.

4. Which is better: Boyshorts or bikinis?

Boyshorts, hands down! In fact, I’ve dedicated an entire post to it earlier. I understand that fashion is important but comfort is ‘important-er’. Besides, who says boyshort panties aren’t sexy. They’re cheeky as hell. Adding curves and shape to your butt, they make your butt awesome!

5. Could going commando mess with my ladybits?

Well, why not! It gives your hoo-ha time to breathe. I say it’s a great way to channel your inner Beyoncé! And if, you aren’t comfortable going commando in the day, do it at night. It’s a good time to “forget” to don a pair. Enjoy some (air and) freedom, ladies!

No one else can love and maintain your vagina for you. Remember to keep your undies clean, dry and cute. Just give your vagina a happy environment, because that ways the world is surely a better place!