4 Things to Consider When Buying Shapewear

4 Things to Consider When Buying Shapewear

We come across great posts about outfit ideas and inspiration for styling on various occasions. But, what about that one piece that is going to up your style game! The foundation of your outfit that will enhance, minimize or define your body shape. I’m talking about shapewear!

However, with its growing popularity, shapewear comes in a wide array of styles. So, which one would work best for your body? Which one should you pick according to your wardrobe? Where to begin?

Well, take a deep breath and relax… I have broken down the four main elements to consider to help with your next shopping trip for shapewear.

  1. Find out your target areas
    Firstly, figure out what do you wish to minimize or emphasize – thighs, waist, chest area, and all-in-one pieces. There are many different options in shapewear available according to the target areas.
  2. One size never fits all
    Just like normal clothing, there are different sizes for shapewear. Figure out your body shape, recognize your target area and, find your size.
  3. Stick to your size
    Ok ladies, get this straight- going a size down won’t make things look better. It might for the area you’re trying to target, but think about the extra skin that you’re smoothing out. It is going to go somewhere and that’s where ever the shapewear ends.
    Moreover, if you’re considering getting a shapewear for your torso, I’d suggest you get fitted for a bra first. There is high probability that the right bra lifts your bust and even give you a narrower looking waist. With so many shapewear in the market, pick the one which is the thinnest. Not only will it minimize sweat production, but also make it easier to breath as compared to the regular shapewear.
  4. Full bodysuit for all over shaping
    For a head-to-toe streamlined shape, and to prevent the trouble of looking for separate top and bottom pieces, a bodysuit is the most favourable shapewear. Not only does it help minimize/enhance the chest, but also give a slimmer waist and toned bottom. You can also let your bra support your chest and find a shaper that covers the remaining area.

The best thing to do is to have a shapewear solution for every kind of occasion. Believe me, it will transform everything!