25 Revolutionizing New Year’s Resolutions for the Body & Mind

So, it’s another New Year! The season of “New Year, New You” resolutions.

It’s that time of the year when brands aggressively start body-shaming women into buying their products (When have brands ever stopped doing that I wonder). Their endless efforts of forcing their standards of beauty on every woman. Some brands are trying to make you believe that “Fair is beautiful” … Some are offering to help you reduce scars, stretch marks and dark circles… And, others are going all out in an effort to convince you to slim down.

Ok, here’s the thing. You can never be FAT. You can have fat, but you cannot be fat. Just like you have fingernails, but that doesn’t mean you are fingernails!

Besides, you are not here to please others. It’s not your job to get smaller & smaller until you disappear so the world can be more comfortable. It’s not your job to look like models/celebrities in magazines. It’s not your job to look “pretty”. You’re good enough already.

Here’s to a New Year devoid of ‘Weight Loss Resolution’ but all about ‘Hate Loss Resolution’ –

I resolve to:

1. Admire at least one part of my body every time I look into the mirror

2. Not judge people over their life decisions. They don’t need my validation

3. Give myself the pampering I deserve

4. To find my interests and explore them further

5. Not talk negatively about me

6. Avoid things that make me sad

7. Let go of regrets and past hurts

8. Not be afraid to say what I feel; life is too short to hide feelings

9. Workout more; not because I hate my body but because I love it

10. Take care of my body in terms of health and hygiene; without aspiring to achieve unattainable physical goals set by advertisers

11. Celebrate my body, with all the flaws and traits

12. Promote understanding about Body Positivity and why it’s so important

13. Cherish and nurture my close relationships

14. Stop questioning self-worth

15. Not use my body as a site of comparison

16. Smile more often and tell myself ‘I am enough’

17. Promote equality

18. Realize that the word ‘fat’ is nothing more than an adjective

19. Compliment people often

20. Stand up for what I believe in (even if it makes me unpopular in some circles)

21. Strive for genuineness rather than perfection

22. Shun society’s idea of beauty

23. Not let advertisements impact my self-esteem and self-image

24. Not define perfection in physical terms

25. Cut off toxic people from my life

This is my body. I grow out of my jeans and instead of waging war on myself, I buy new jeans because it’s okay that my body is changing. It experiences changes all the time and that’s totally natural.

We are stars wrapped in skin. We don’t need to seek the light anywhere else. It’s within us.

Happy New Year!


Shot by: Devvrat Arya