10 Valentine’s Day Ideas If You’re a Fabulous Single!

Believe me, it’s NOT a big deal to be single right now! Though you might feel sulky and distraught seeing couples cuddle and cling to each other. But hey, here’ s the thing… You’re free and fabulous!

So, it doesn’t really matter if you’re not dating anyone or just not with your snuggle-bug, you can totally have a blast!

Come on singles, take this V-Day by storm!

1. Have a paw-some Valentine
Oh yes, who knows and loves you more than your furry baby! Well, my dog is my love , so it’s something I do anyway.

2. Catch up with your fabulous girlfriends
Go to the movies, grab some drinks or simply plan a girl’s night in!

3. Pamper yourself
Treat yourself to a spa day, get a fresh and exciting look with a new haircut or you get comfortable in your own company with some retail therapy.

4. No boys allowed, girls night out
Gather around for a Happy Hour or Ladies Night, and kick the night off!

5. Netflix and chill
This never gets old! By the way, have you seen Orange Is The New Black yet?

6. Better yourself
How about a workout? It’ll surely make you feel better about yourself. The healthier you feel, the happier you are!

7. Turn to books
Swoon over your favorite love story or begin with a novel you’ve not been able to get around to yet!

8. Movie Marathon
Make a bucket full of popcorn and prepare yourself to waste the day away.

Shot by: Devvrat Arya

9. Fall in love…
Who said love is exclusively for relationships! Read something inspiring, write down your goals for the year, read motivational quotes or write down the things that you love about yourself or things you’re grateful for.

10. And here’s something for you if you’re adventurous – Call your crush!
If you aren’t content with your single status, what’s a better time to change it! Ask him out, and if you’re lucky, you’ll surely get to spend the next V-Day with him.

Hey, it can be a bummer to be single on Valentine’s Day, but only if you allow it to be. It doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. You deserve to be happy as much as anyone in a relationship. And, if I’ve missed something worth mentioning, do leave a comment and let everyone know your perfect idea for Valentine’s!